Summer by Bravo
Case Study

“Summer by Bravo” is one of the longest running branding campaigns in recent times and has become an event that viewers look forward to each year. It’s a playful collision of talent from the broad spectrum of Bravo programming, set within fantasy worlds that are vibrant, glammy, and uniquely Bravo.

Rob Meltzer has directed the campaign since its inception and Elliott Jobe has been the VFX Supervisor for the last four years.

Here’s a quick look back at five fun years of “Summer by Bravo”…


BS 2010

It all started with a rooftop pool party. We shot on location in LA and then recreated the rooftop on a stage in NY and also shot some greenscreen in Washington, DC. It came together seamlessly in 4 high energy promos that featured such memorable moments as Patti Stanger petting her tiger, Jackie Warner arriving via jetpack, and Kathy Griffin using a chainsaw to make a Bravo ice sculpture.


BS 2011

How do you shoot a sunny summer camp in NY when it’s March and the temperature is below freezing? This production challenge opened up a new world of visual possibilities when we decided to shoot the campaign on blue screen.

Our goal was to create a summer camp that could only exist in the world of Bravo. Rustic met modern met hyper-real and the Bravo talk bubble shape became a primary design element (as seen above in the log cabins).

By shooting on blue screen we were able to shoot faster and thus incorporate more talent into the spots. We even yielded one extra spot – totaling 5 spots!


BS 2012

Turning “Bravo-lebrities”, as they are known, into world-class athletes was an exciting endeavor. We started by designing 3 glamorous locations for the games to inhabit – a stadium, an indoor gym and a pool.

On set, we used Elliot Jobe’s innovative “Live Location” tracking system to see the talent composited into the 3D set in real time. As the camera moved, the 3D set tracked with it, allowing us to perfect our framing as if we were in a real location.

Over the course of 3 days, we shot with over 30 talent and delivered 6 action-packed spots.


BS 2013

For “Bravo Island” we knew that the best way to create the perfect deserted island look was to find a real location for the back plates, so we scoured the globe for the idyllic beach. We were looking for soft white sand, clear blue water, and most difficult to find – no people. It turns out that unless you go to a deserted island, this is a tough combo to find.

After a month of searching, we found what we were looking for in Tulum, Mexico. First, we traveled to Tulum to scout and shoot photoboards with stand-ins for all our shots. We then used the photoboards on set to inform our compositions. And then after the talent shoot we returned to Tulum with a small crew to shoot the backplates over the course of 3 days.

We topped our record for the number of talent shot this year – 35 Bravolebrities and 6 spots!


BS 2014

“Bravo Circus” was the most technically challenging of the 5 campaigns because many of the scenes involved stunts – some of which were performed by the actual Bravolebrities. We built a variety of rigs to assist the talent in performing death-defying circus acts. And when needed, we used real circus performers as body doubles.